Pregnancy Massage – $110 (1 hour), $125 (75 Minutes), $145 (90 Minutes)

The  benefits of pregnancy massage extend well beyond relief from muscular tension.  When you book a regular massage, you can expect relief from swelling of feet and hands, easing of tension headaches, improved circulation, better quality sleep, relief from lower back and neck pain and reduced stress and anxiety levels.

This specialised treatment uses techniques specific to the common musculo-skeletal issues that are unique to pregnancy, while also promoting relaxation and enhancing the mother-baby connection.

Experienced the benefits of a pregnancy massage here at Bangalow Recovery Massage. We can certainly help reduce back & hip tension, shoulder pain and offer deep relaxation and rest.


Pregnancy Massage FAQ’s

Pregnancy Massage FAQ’s

Do I have to lie on my stomach?

No – Here at Bangalow Recovery Massage wont make you lie on your stomach. We have an electric table that can be adjusted to help you on to the table. We also make sure that you treatment is performed on the side (safest position for your growing womb) and you are well supported with expert cushioning. We can also educate you on the best position for sleeping to help prevent restless nights.

Is there a difference between a normal massage and a pregnancy massage?

Yes – Our therapist has studied the best massage techniques as well as knowing all the acupressure points to avoid during pregnancy.

Are the massage oils you use safe?

Yes- we love the healing of oils. We only use special massage oils safe for each stage of pregnancy, we can also use macadamia oil if you prefer.

When should I start getting a pregnancy massage?

You can start at any time – we will do a full assessment when you come in. We will then customise your treatment based on the trimester and stage you are in. We do recommend that you start as soon as possible to get the best possible outcome from your treatment.

Is pregnancy massage covered by health insurance?

Yes- depending on your cover, you can have access to insurance rebates as we are a Remedial Massage Therapist and a full assessment is conducted. Please see your individual provider for their conditions.

High Risk Pregnancy?

There are some instances where we need a doctor’s release to ok you for your massage.  If you are suffering from any other following please check in with your GP first and bring along a written letter of consent to your massage treatment. 

Blood pressure and Liver conditions disorders including:

  • Pre-eclampsia
  • HELLP (advanced pre-eclampsia)
  • Severe Chronic Hypertension
  • Moderate to Severe gestational hypertension

Placental Dysfunctions including:

  • Placenta previa
  • History of partial placenta abruption during pregnancy or in former pregnancy
  • Symptoms of Bleeding
  • Polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid)
  • Blood clots
If you have any concerns or questions call our friendly reception on (02) 8001 6393 or save time and book online
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Amanda is a Remedial & Lymphatic Therapist. Expert in scar tissue massage, complex chronic pain conditions, and lymphatic drainage. Amanda is passionate about positively impacting women’s health and well-being by providing treatments that promote recovery, transformation and enhanced quality of life.